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More About YJ Choi

Back in her days growing up in South Korea, high school students had to choose between two tracks: STEM and non-STEM. She chose STEM, mostly to avoid taking "Classic Chinese Literature" - a required course in the non-STEM track. To her surprise, she soon realized that advanced math courses in her STEM track were even more difficult than studying the writings of ancient Chinese poets. She was traumatized thoroughly, and thought she would never become a "numbers person" or "data geek".

Fast forward to today, even though she still do not understand the complex matrix math behind statistical programs (hats off to all statisticians!), discovering and sharing information and insight from data is her passion - for work and even outside of work. It helps her reflect. It empowers her. And, she is constantly awed and motivated by its impact on people's lives.

She is an expert in demographic research and data science for global health and development and loves to get connected with and learn from those like-minded, data geeks or not.

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